Do you really know where it comes from?

We live in a modern world, where we take for granted the fact that a lot of the products we buy come from far flung corners of the World. Products made by companies we know almost nothing about. Products which may have the potential to harm us if manufactured incorrectly.

Our trust in these companies is initially formed, somewhat superficially, through their branding, often opaque marketing efforts and through the opinions of people/companies we already trust. This is understandable, as it would be horrendously impractical to physically visit every company we intend to buy a product from in order to decide if they are trustworthy or not.

Forming our trust in this way places a burden of responsibility on the manufacturer. We expect that they will use their knowledge to produce a product with the best interests of their end users in mind. Unfortunately, with end users’ lack of knowledge about the processes that go into making a certain product, it can be easy for a manufacturer to cut corners yet still manage to produce a product that is visually the same. How can we really know what we are getting?

This blog series is an exercise in transparency. We aim to bring ourselves (Herbprime Nutrition) and the manufacturers of the products we supply, closer to you by giving you an insight into the companies’ histories, people and processes.

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My name is Joseph and you will find out more about myself in due course.

Speak to you soon!